Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely necessary if you are looking to succeed in your digital business. Our experts will provide UX optimization along with SEO optimized content and quality backlink to drive more traffic for your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Why SEO is required for your business

SEO is a search engine optimizer. It is meant to manipulate the criteria used to rank the sites on the searching engines like Google. When a website is SEO optimized, it appears among the first in the searching results giving your business a chance to have first-time visitors.
You should know that billions of websites remain invisible. When you publish your site, it will go through Google for ranking. They consider the content, phrases, and keywords to rank them. To bypass all that, experts have come up with optimizers like SEO. The following are the facts to show you why to require SEO in your business.

SEO Attracts Traffic To Your Website

Search engine traffic is the best traffic for your business. Billions of people conduct researches online every day. This shows you how many opportunities are there for your business. You should know that people are out there looking for a solution which only you can offer. You attract traffic by using SEO optimizing. Every time a person uses your keywords or phrases, then you are found immediately as the first link. This shows you how many customers you can create by optimizing your website.

It Doesn’t Involve Payment As An Advertisement

When you pay for the SEO, you don’t need to pay for the ad. They naturally come first on the search engines. The only money you will pay is for the SEO Company. It operates freely. Unless you are conversant with Google algorithm and coding, then you will need an SEO company to help in ranking.

SEO Is Day And Night Ranking And Serves You For A Long Time

SEO optimization operates 24 hours a day. It keeps your website high ranked day and night for an extended period. It gives you a service of six months to a year.SEO does not go off at night. When you increase the traffic on the website, you can have it promote as you sleep. The only time it goes down, only when there is a completion or the SEO is outdated or changed algorithm.

It Influences Purchases

The position and the users’ services influence purchase. When a potential client finds the site ranked highest, they click it, which puts them a step closer to a transaction. In another case having a nonfunctional website will cause regular buying in your local area. But having it on the internet will attract many buyers from all over the world. This niche makes your business grow at high rates.

SEO Creates Awareness For Your Brand And Business

When you generate traffic on your website, it makes people aware of your business. And when they have not planned for a business transaction, they get familiar with your brand. Chances are, they will consider your company in the future when they are ready to buy.

It Creates Customers Attributions To Your Website

When a person wants to buy anything, they start by research on the internet. When searching, they believe that the first results have the best information. Attributions are the times the people will see your business or brand on the internet. Chances are when a person sees your brand over and over. They will purchase from you. These visitors become your long term customers in the future.

SEO Beats The Paid Website With 90% Chances

People naturally avoid paid sites on the search results. SEO websites will have high chances of clicks because they are organic websites and do not have an ad description on them. It is useless to pay for the website to be ranked at the top because chances are, only 6% of the people will click on them.

It Has Favorable Costs Compared To The Paid Websites

SEO is rather cheap compared to the paid ads on the internet. The only money requires to have your website optimized is the money you pay to the SEO company. The returns are quantifiable, and the experience is excellent.

SEO Enlarges The Market For Your Business

Last but not least, when you gain domain on the market, you can expand it by increasing the keywords on the content. The keyword could be the products you add to your business.

SEO Gives Your Business A Massive Room For Growth

Assuming you are a small business operator or even a large business owner. When creating a website, you had a bigger dream for growth in your brand or business. SEO will make your business grow in immeasurable ways by creating a huge customer base for you. This niche gives the user a great experience, having ranked the first, and loading faster when clicked. Naturally, people will find that attractive and stay longer to interact with your website, checking what you are offering. 70% of the searches end up in a purchase. It is just a matter of time before people start flocking in your store.

It Will Create A Big Market For You

If you are operating a small business, SEO gives you a chance to enlarge your market and probably end up as the only famous brand. When your website is SEO optimized, it creates traffic on the website attracting first-time visitors. SEO makes your website among the first results when searched. When a potential buyer clicks to the first website, there is a higher chance that they will not look for options but settle. It is unlikely to ignore the highly ranked website because people assume they have the best information they are looking for.

Your Competitors Are Already Using SEO To Beat You In The Game

You should know that billions of websites are invisible on the internet. How may you ask? When a website is published, Google uses over two hundred criteria to rank the site. It is tedious work for the searching engine, and therefore, most of them end up invisible. Assuming you have a competitor who is offering what you are selling, but they have their websites optimized. Their websites will be the first ones to appear on Google searches. They will be the domain in the market, denying your brand a chance in the market.

Pricing Plan

SEO service cost

VentCube is not a place for cookie-cutter approaches. That’s why we typically personalize our SEO service plans to your company’s industry, existing SEO, and specific objectives for boosting income. Please get in touch with us through our website to get started on customizing your plan right now!

Sliver Plan

per month

$ 1500
  • 150 keyphrases optimized
  • 30 pages optimized
  • Phone call and lead tracking
  • Reporting

Gold Plan

per month

$ 3000
  • 200 keyphrases optimized
  • 40 pages optimized
  • Phone call and lead tracking
  • Reporting


per month

$ 5000
  • 300 keyphrases optimized
  • 60 pages optimized
  • Phone call and lead tracking
  • Reporting

Results Focused SEO

VentCube’s SEO services will not only increase your traffic but drive more sales for your business— the result is what matters, and that’s what we do best.

Our Clients Get Results

**Lorem**There is a small amount of proof while you can see more at our portfolio page for web design, development & digital marketing work sample of us.

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Increase in organic traffic
Increase in online leads
Michael Farah - The Farah Law Firm“They do everything they BS”
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Thrive used SEO & PPC to increase the overall traffic to the new Farah website by +664% and along with the new CRO focused Website were able to increase online leads by over +360%.
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Increase in organic traffic
Increase in online leads
Michael Farah - The Farah Law Firm“They do everything they BS”
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Thrive used SEO & PPC to increase the overall traffic to the new Farah website by +664% and along with the new CRO focused Website were able to increase online leads by over +360%.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We are proud to be the top IT consultant in Bangladesh because our worldwide client reviews are absolutely fantastic and encouraging. Fascinating outlook and quick service with smooth technology made us reach the acme. Here are some testimonies:
Cinderella M. Vines
“They work really well”
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A magnificent case of how collaboration can deliver incredible outcomes. I can just acclaim their work and capacity to complete things quicker. In a word, they work really well.
Joe D. Fields
“Create a niche from them”
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Superb finishing is the most fascinating thing about Ventcube. I took their service and trust me, I didn’t face any problem for a single moment. Besides, they’re fast learners and quickly spot the main point. I suggested both of my friends to create a niche from them.
Ervin M. Watson
“Friendly behavior”
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Friendly behavior, even I felt them amusing. Not only a niche site, but also I made two eCommerce sites from Ventcube. 100% functioning sites and profitable. I’d like to give’em 10 stars.

Our SEO Approach

It’s important we know about your online strength and weakness. Therefore, after defining specific goals for your website conversions, we run a thorough review on your selling propositions and market opportunities, and then conduct a complete SEO. Next, we look at your online performance and run an in-depth analysis of your top competitors to see what they are doing so that we can take appropriate steps accordingly. After that, we will develop strategies to drive new customers for your business. To attract clients, we will optimize on-site content for user experience while providing quality content keeping keywords focus in mind for every page at the same time. We will also optimize the technical aspects of your website for better search engine visibility. Whether you want to optimize your old website or want to make a new one, we’ll maximize your conversion with our unique and compelling content. We are more than just “employees” and “employers”, we are partners, and it’s our goal to improve your business by optimizing your campaign every month, and continuously improving the quality and quantity of the lead flow.

We do everything fairly with our “white hat” SEO techniques, and all our work are done for long-term, scalable success— not some one day only trick that may not work in the future and incur penalties later.

Our Process

Step #1

Research and Audit: In this phase, we will learn everything about your business and we will do whatever we can to help you accomplish your goals, which involves competitive research and keyword research. We’ll also evaluate your current position, look closely at your business competitors, study your market and buyers, and assess your tactics. We also look at the downsides of your website, addressing UI/UX areas for further improvement if necessary. The unique tactics and data-centered analysis let us to build a concise project plan which leaves no hole for failure and makes a path for your businesses success.

Step #2

Optimize your website: For a business to thrive, having a quality website that drives traffic is essential. After we learn about your business and define specific goals, we will help you form an applicable plan to optimize your website for major search engines. If you want to make a new website we will do all necessary to rank your site and for your old one, we will make significant changes like changing the copy for better SEO practices, proper header, cross linking between pages, integrate the right keyword phrases (step 1), and technical aspects of the site. Appropriate redirects along with public facing content, also, meta description, and page titles will be submitted to search engines aka Google for indexing.

Step #3

Build quality content to drive traffic: Content is life for a website; we will develop and publish relevant and useful content to address any specific questions possible buyers may have at any stage from “general interest” to a “potentially buying” and finally to “ready to purchase”. This content will help you in your blog creation, promotion in press releases, social media, and link building. We’ll also aid you in leveraging your social media presence to engage new audiences and build communities with loyal followers. Next, we will help you expand your audience reach and grow online presence through content by reaching out to industry leaders and media outlets. Finally, we will identify potential partners for link-building campaigns and PR outreach for your business.

Step #4

Analyze and Report: You will never be left on the dark with our clear and precise day by day report. You will know the channels that are driving ROI for you and the places efforts are falling short. We hide nothing. All campaign performance will be monitored against the short-term goal and long-term goal constantly. Our reports will clearly lay down the status of each of your campaign, and you can propose corrections where you deem them necessary.

Best SEO Practices

We always rely on our “white hat” SEO techniques and never use “black hat” techniques. These forbidden techniques may offer short wins but the penalties incurred can wreak havoc in your rankings on search engines in the long term. We stay up to date with all SEO practices and continue to train our techniques in the everchanging SEO space. Training ourselves is one of the many ways we ensure success for our clients and It’s our belief to utilize the best practices of SEO to ensure short-term and long-term success. We develop content and website structure with user experience in mind. We never leave any opportunities alone, and always stay on top of our game to keep your core objectives in focus.

Search Engine Optimization Focused on the Bottom Line

At Ventcube, we emphasize data-driven and result built SEO and marketing efforts. Bottom line is this; you want more sale and more customers for your business, so we don’t focus solely on one thing like “more traffic” or “more facebook likes” which are meaningless alone and only meaningful when putting various factors together. We want to help you get the most out of your marketing budget; hence, we provide clear strategies and leverage multiple marketing channels for you to create a unified approach designed to gain market share for your business.