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PPC Services: Drive Sales With PPC Management Services

If you’re looking for a reliable PPC management company that will boost your company’s revenue through sponsored search, go no further than VentCube. Our technology-enabled PPC services may help you reach your objectives, whether to boost conversions, website traffic, or both, as well as to monitor and improve your return on investment (ROI) through PPC. 

PPC Service

PPC Services

VentCube's PPC Marketing Services

We are a PPC management company that does things differently from others. First, we familiarize ourselves and learn all there is to know about your business, allowing us to form unique strategies for your PPC campaigns. 

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Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC advertising agency uses an arsenal of resources to analyze user search patterns and anticipate query inputs. We classify your desired keywords according to their industry relevance, search volume, and levels of competition. You can rely on our paid search experts to constantly tweak your keyword list to grab the attention better and search intent of your target audience.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Our PPC advertising agency will help you get more and better leads. We make catchy titles, use effective keywords, write attractive body copy, and strategically put prominent CTAs on your landing pages to maximize conversions. Our PPC firm combines SEO and PPC best practices to get consumers to take the action you want them to take.

PPC Management

Join our PPC company, and we'll send targeted visitors to your landing pages without you having to lift a finger. Keyword analysis, channel planning, PPC campaign rollout, campaign tracking, and split testing of PPC advertisements are all things our PPC management firm takes care of for you. If you go with our PPC firm, you will get campaigns tailored to your conversion goals and budget.

Paid Search Advertising

Get your brand to the top of search engine results pages with the help of our PPC services at our paid search agency. The paid search experts at Thrive will help you narrow in on your target audience, identify profitable keywords, create effective PPC bidding strategies, and monitor your return on investment. Through these means, our PPC marketing agency may raise your Quality Score, clickthrough rate, and share of impressions.

Ads A/B Split Testing

To gauge the success of your advertisements, our PPC management firm will set up parallel campaigns for analysis. We develop many versions of your page's structure, picture, headline, and call to action to see which one performs best with PPC advertisements. Our PPC service will use the data from the split test to fine-tune the next round of paid search advertising on your behalf.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Get your ideal consumers into the bottom of your sales funnel by reaching out to them when and where it matters most. To increase your Quality Score and click-through rate, our PPC agency will craft compelling PPC advertising, conduct usability testing on your landing page designs, and create intuitive lead capture forms. Get in touch with our sponsored search agency right now and see how we can help you boost your revenue without increasing your advertising outlays.

Bing & Google Ads Management

Increase your website's traffic and income by interacting with your potential consumers where they spend time online across search engines. Our PPC experts at Thrive will conduct thorough PPC audits to ensure your products and services are being shown to the right people. We enhance your platform-specific PPC advertisements, fine-tune your SEM targeting, and implement link extensions to your site to boost interaction.

Social Media Advertising

About half of all internet users look for information about a product on social media platforms. Using PPC advertising services will help you build brand awareness, lower marketing expenses, and keep your company in the minds of potential customers. Our PPC experts identify your ideal clientele, assess how they use social media, and develop strategies that use visuals and text to expand your brand's reach and encourage interaction with your products.

Nextdoor Advertising

If you want to expand your local consumer base and boost conversions in your sales funnel, use our PPC management firm. We'll take over the reins of your Nextdoor company page, manage your advertising efforts, and even build a landing page for traffic coming from Nextdoor. Our PPC experts also use analytics and measurement tools to keep tabs on key performance indicators and optimize your campaign for maximum impact.

Remarketing Campaigns

Get better returns from remarketing by focusing on subsets of your visitors. Our PPC management service finds the most successful campaigns, builds retargeting advertising for your most valuable customers, and engages site visitors who have shown an interest in making a purchase. To keep your marketing costs down, we'll help you determine the ideal frequency limits for your remarketing campaigns, controlling how often the same user is exposed to your PPC advertising.

YouTube Ads

Use a more focused strategy for marketing videos on YouTube to reach your target audience and create commercials that will stick in their minds. As part of our PPC management services, we investigate YouTube's ad targeting choices at the granular level, create video remarketing campaigns, and add a dash of surprise to your in-stream commercials. We'll craft compelling narratives for your YouTube advertising needs that will hit home with your demographic.

Amazon PPC

Profit margins may be increased by using Amazon product advertisements and video ads to attract the attention of online customers. To maximize your return on investment (ROI), we employ our unique Amazon AI advertising management system to connect you with potential customers. Your Amazon PPC campaigns will be optimized for keyword match types and negative keywords, organized by product category, and your advertising budget will be modified based on how well each product sells, thanks to the work of our PPC advertising firm.

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Why Choose VentCube

Why Choose Our PPC Services For Your Business

Low-risk contracts

We are committed to honesty and transparency in our PPC advertising services. Since we value earning your confidence via superior service, we only accept low-risk contracts.

Get more for your money

Employing a PPC advertising firm without allocating any funds for fuel would be like purchasing a car with no money for registration or insurance. Spending all your advertising budget on the services themselves is not a good move strategically or economically. So that you may pay more of your advertising money on other things, we keep the price of our services affordable.

We are PPC management experts

For hundreds of clients daily, we manage their search engine marketing efforts. Due to our status as one of the most successful digital marketing firms in the USA, we know what works in terms of ad writing, headlines, and keyword research. We have experience with A/B testing, CRO, and retargeting. Put your trust in us and allow us to work out these strategies.

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SEO case study Annie Fontaine

Featured PPC Case Study: Annie Fontaine Life Coaching

Annie Fontaine is a most experienced life coach in London. We do SEO and PPC for her. Our hard work had a great impact on her business. When you partner with VentCube, we take care of the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy more website traffic, leads, and revenue. 

SEO case study Dailion


Dailion is a Daily News website. It's a site where you can find the latest news, sports, entertainment, weather, and technology in one place. VentCube provides Dailion SEO and Content Services.


Site Traffic Increase


Conversion Rate Increase

Braces For A Great Smile

Braces For A Great Smile

Braces For A Great Smile provides state-of-the-art orthodontics for children, teens, and adults. Their services include the most advanced metal and ceramic braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, and early corrective treatment. VentCube provides SEO services Braces For A Great Smile.


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Organic Transactions

Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser Detox

Lipo Laser Detox Provides laser treatment. Lipo Laser treatment has no pain, surgery, drugs, or downtime. Lipo Laser treatment is a safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for fat reduction. Ventcube provides PPC services for Lipo Laser Detox.


Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Increase


Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Decrease

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$1499 /month

Approach to PPC

VentCube’s Approach to PPC Management

PPC is something that will be handled differently by every agency. Our PPC strategy centers on the following nine tenets:

#1. You Own the Account

Your PPC advertising account is valuable. No matter who your PPC management provider is, you should fully own the site you paid to have developed and optimized.

#2. Optimize for Conversions

Leads and sales are what matters to you, not clicks, impressions, CTR, or any other vanity measure. In other words, we exclusively focus on the essential indicators of your company.

#3. A report in Natural Language

You are avoiding technical jargon in favor of reporting on the KPIs that matter to your company. Unless, of course, you want to geek out, in which case we can talk commerce.

#4. No Silos

The PPC program at VentCube was developed to supplement the other digital marketing initiatives we undertake, such as SEO, PPC, and CRO (SEO).

#5. No Long-Term Contracts

Our PPC contracts are month-to-month with a 30-day notice to cancel requirements. We don't believe in locking customers into long-term agreements but rather in impressing them so much that they want to stay with us.

#6. No Autopilot

We manually manage the campaigns daily and weekly (depending on the campaign's budget). This guarantees that our PPC managers constantly monitor account data and act swiftly to optimize results.

#7. Dedicated Account Manager

A single point of contact is assigned to each customer. It is responsible for providing weekly updates, answering inquiries in less than 24 hours, participating in calls once a week or once a month, and being accessible for questions at any time. Our account managers will also keep customers up to date with regular posts on the Basecamp platform.

#8. Have The Best People

While we employ technology to monitor and adjust campaigns, our stellar team of account managers is the real reason for our stellar results. We put a lot of resources into finding and maintaining the best-skilled individuals in every department, from account managers to PPC Experts to graphic designers and web developers. No faith in us? Have a look at the benefits we provide to our staff.

#9. Set a New High Score

The objective of any new PPC accounts that VentCube takes over is to get a new record-breaking score. Keeping tabs on our accounts is fine, but it's not what motivates us. When given a chance, we would want to demonstrate how much more we are capable of becoming. In the first few months, we often see a 50-90% conversion boost (while reducing expenditures).

Our Most Powerfull Partners Make Our Partnership Next Level

There is a small amount of proof while you can see more at our portfolio page for web design, development & digital marketing work sample of us. 


VentCube's PPC Management Setup Process

When we speak with new businesses, a common question about the onboarding process. Here’s the procedure we follow: 


VentCube is confident in the reliability of its method because it has been tried and tested. To get started with a new PPC account, the client must complete a series of questions designed to learn more about the client, the client's target audience, and competitors. We're not just PPC managers but full-fledged marketing strategists able to address any issue from any angle.

Audit of Current Account

To begin, we constantly examine and analyze the state of the PPC account. As a result of extensive experience auditing PPC accounts, VentCube has developed a comprehensive audit procedure and checklist. This review highlights easy wins and indicates any possible problems that may arise. We analyze the current account in detail to extract as much information as possible from historical performance and compare all key performance indicators against this foundation.

Kickoff Meeting

A good beginning is crucial. At the outset of working with every new customer, we have a meeting when the whole crew gets together to go through the project plan and setup procedure in detail. When we get together, we evaluate the results of the surveys sent out to help us learn more about our audience.

Keyword Research

Step two of any search engine marketing plan is to do keyword analysis (based on any missing opportunities in the audit). Before adding any new keywords to the account, we provide our suggested new keyword list to the customer in manageable chunks for review.

Account Setup or Restructuring

Campaign setup, Ad Group setup, Ad copywriting & testing setup, Match type setup, Extensions setup, Bids setup, Goal tracking setup, Call tracking setup, Ad design setup (for display and remarketing campaigns), Negative keyword setup, and Audience/In market targeting configuration are all part of this stage.

Ad Writing

PPC ad copywriting requires a blend of creative expression and analytical precision. Despite strict character constraints, the advertising must be convincing while providing helpful information. Thankfully, VentCube has a staff of seasoned copywriters that have been crafting PPC advertising for years. We also conduct tests of various ad copy forms to identify the most effective, providing us with a wealth of information from which to draw.

Ad Design

If we're doing a display campaign, VentCube will create many variations of advertisements in the proportions specified by the ad platform we're using. Our promotions aim to attract attention while also accurately portraying the brands we serve.

Landing Page Setup

It's not just about the commercials. PPC campaigns are unsuccessful unless they lead people to a landing page that can convert them. Landing page best practices may be written, designed, and developed with the aid of VentCube. After years of experimenting with various landing page designs, we've settled on a set of practices that have shown to be most successful for our company.

Report Creation!

Each client of VentCube receives a personalized dashboard report. As a first step, VentCube loads all of the past data, and then we refresh the primary dashboard report every month. Metrics are presented in clear English in VentCube's words. We don't try to deceive you with bogus metrics like 'likes' or shares,' and we take pleasure in providing reports in the language of your business (leads, sales). Every month, we report to clients and discuss the results with them. You will have unrestricted access to your account and may log in to check data whenever you choose.

Weekly Calls/Meetings Scheduled

Maintaining open lines of communication with our clients on developing their PPC campaigns is essential. As a result, we talk on the phone or meet monthly to report on progress. This campaign's size and budget will dictate whether weekly or monthly updates are necessary.


What Clients Say About Us

Dr. Roni
The time and effort put forth by the VentCube team to launch the PPC program has impressed me. They have been accommodating and responsive to my many questions. It has been a pleasure working with our account managers in preparation for today's launch. Please keep kicking VentCube where it hurts!
Dr. Roni Deluz
Greg Herring
It's a massive weight off my shoulders to have discovered VentCube. Working with experts taught us more about SEO/PPC than combined in the previous three years at our last company. We highly value our partnership and are committed to our mutual success.
Greg Herring
Annie Fontaine
We use VentCube to handle both SEO and PPC campaigns. Our investment in VentCube has yielded a solid return over the previous three years. We like how prompt the support team is and how well thought out the reports are. We recommend VentCube to any company interested in improving the SEO of their Google Ads account.
Annie Fontaine

More Services

More services we offer to grow your business

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design Service for Industries is for those who are looking for the best website design and development company. We are the leading web design company, and we know that web designing is not just a simple professional skill.

SEO Service

SEO Service

When it comes to SEO services for, your website really needs to be optimized. After all, if your industry's web presence isn't aggressive and visible enough, then you'll actually be losing out to other businesses that are out there.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the latest buzz in the business world. Consumers use these platforms to connect with one another, and therefore, it’s up to the companies to promote their products and services in the most effective manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC refers to a model of internet advertising in which the advertiser incurs costs only when a user clicks on the ad shown. Pay-per-click adverts can be seen on the web and social media as well as on search engines.

Professional administration of your PPC strategy and campaigns is provided as part of PPC management services for a set charge. Strategy creation, bid management, ad text, and more are within this management's purview.

The outcomes of PPC services are influenced by both the service provider and the chosen strategy. Keyword selection, bid administration, and regular reporting are some of the features of PPC management services that may be expected to be included in your investment in paid search advertising on Google and Bing.

Costs for pay-per-click advertising typically range from $6,000 to $10,000 monthly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Advertising budgets and administration fees are included in the total price. PPC campaign management fees are typically based on a percentage of total advertising expenditure, while some agencies offer other pricing structures.

Pay-per-click advertising has numerous perks and a few downsides.

Here are a few of the pros:

  • You can narrow your focus if you know who you want to reach. One way to ensure your message goes to those most inclined to act on it is through targeted demographics.
  • You may expect to see substantial gains. Forbes reports that every dollar an enterprise invests in Google Ads (formerly AdWords), it reaps two dollars back in profit.
  • This results in higher-quality, more severe inquiries. Visits from PPC ads are 50% more likely to convert than organic visitors, according to research from Unbounce.

And here are some of the cons:

  • Still, people have greater faith in unpaid outcomes than in paid ones. According to data supplied by Moz, organic results still get the bulk of SERP hits, even though the margins are diminishing.
  • It may be costly. Bidding on competitive keywords may be expensive, and if you aren't keeping a close eye on your analytics, you may end up paying for clicks from individuals who aren't your ideal customers.
  • Getting started might be difficult, and it takes time to get the hang of relatively straightforward platforms like Google Ads. However, you risk losing money if you don't take the time to master the program's ins and outs.

PPC advertising is a quick and easy approach to boosting website traffic, leads, and purchases. If you hire us as your PPC management service, you will receive the following:

A digital competitor analysis:

  • Conducting a comprehensive study of your service regions and industry
  • The process of identifying nearby businesses that are spending money on pay-per-click advertising and enjoying the better placement
  • Performing a market analysis, including the examination of search phrases, monthly search volumes, and more
  • Developing and establishing financial targets for lead acquisition costs

Custom, data-driven ads:

  • It requires extensive keyword research to find out what people are searching for and how they found your services.
  • Making effective advertisements by coming up with catchy slogans and eye-catching designs
  • Testing variations of ads using a/b splits
  • Taking a look at what other companies are doing with their ads and coming up with fresh ideas

Ppc ad tracking and analytics:

  • Monitoring the typical placement of advertisements by promotion
  • Monitor the percentage of clicks
  • Monitoring and adjusting per-click spending
  • Tracking leads, calls, and sales
  • Income attributable to specific paid-for advertising campaigns

Ppc campaign management:

  • Adjusting and monitoring bids for each campaign
  • Modifying requests in response to changes in search volume and keyword popularity
  • By keeping an eye on things like average rankings, click-through rates, and PPC costs,
  • And other tweaks to better the campaign

Paid search campaigns:

  • PPC advertising that follows a user's search query to reach a specific audience
  • Optimizations for Pay-Per-Click landing pages
  • Search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization efforts that are coordinated
  • Display advertisement campaigns
  • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns

Multi-channel pay-per-click advertising:

  • Online marketing budgets are allocated to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and others
  • YouTube advertising
  • Google Ads campaign management
  • Google Local Services ads management
  • Microsoft Advertising campaign management
  • Nextdoor advertising

Save Time & Money

There are countless benefits to hiring a PPC management company, not to mention a top-quality one like Ventcube. If you have a somewhat big company and a decent number of employees, then you can try training some team members to manage a PPC campaign. However, it takes a considerable amount of time and cost in general. Whereas a good PPC management company can deliver the best result in a fraction of the time, it would take time to train one of your own while saving money. Leave the job to the most suitable ones, experts like us. Generally speaking, for your campaign to provide results consistently, you’ll need help from experts. Many tend to think PPC campaign management is easy because of its impression. However, PPC management campaigns require time, effort, resources, and aptitude in digital marketing. Amateurs look for only results and overlook essential factors. In contrast, experts look for weaknesses and pay attention to important aspects like searching and selecting the right keywords, creating a compelling ad copy and landing page, making a solid bidding strategy, and consistently monitoring and analyzing campaign results. Things only a PPC management company can provide you with.

Better Results

A quality PPC management company not only understands a client’s short-term goal but also what a client wants in the long run. Succeeding in one campaign is not the focus, but success in the overall advertising strategy should be the focus of a quality company. The PPC management service can increase your sale and revenue flow, but you can gain a deep understanding of your targeted market. At the same time, a good PPC management company will help you to make insightful decisions on future campaigns.


Every one of your campaigns should match your strategies and goals for a successful business in the long term. We at Ventcube consider all aspects of your campaign. Also, we will provide you with a dedicated PPC manager and up-to-date advertising tools to help you with your campaigns.

Shared Success

Just as you desire success, we also want your success because we are mutually connected. If you are happy, so are we. Therefore, we will provide you with all the tools you need for your campaign to succeed. Also, as a PPC management agency, we can assist you with keyword research, collecting competitor intelligence, market research and analysis, copywriting, campaign development, campaign monitoring, and more. Remember that PPC is not a one-time setup but a continuous process that needs constant monitoring and updating. We will ensure your campaign runs smoothly and without any issues.


Ventcube will provide you with honest PPC management service. For both parties to gain trust, it’s best to work without hiding anything at all, and we prioritize working with transparency and thinking of our clients. From the time you quote us, you will know what kind of help and tools you will receive from us. You will also have access to performance analysis and campaign analytics tools to track the campaign results with a thorough investigation easily. This allows you to know what part of the campaign is underperforming. We will also provide you with reports every month. Therefore, you will learn how we are performing with the help of the tools and our words.

Self-service models for pay-per-click advertising are provided by Google Ads and Microsoft AdCenter, among others. While it is true that you can set up and manage your PPC campaign, most small businesses just don't have the resources (time, knowledge, and tools) necessary to get the most out of their PPC efforts.
PPC marketing allows for exact metrics and management. There is a negative in that there is a mountain of data that has to be analyzed and interpreted, as well as levels of complexity that the typical business owner doesn't have time to deal with.
For example, many PPC marketers don't monitor the number of phone calls that come from ads for home service providers. As high as 12 calls for every online form submission is not uncommon.
More than half the picture might be missed if you don't monitor the calls from your PPC efforts. There are probably some keywords where you're bidding too little and others where you're bidding too much.
On the other hand, it will cost you at least $5,000 monthly to pay for a dedicated marketing professional that has the brain power to effectively manage your account (and that doesn't include their salary, perks, the cost of computers and optimization software, or the cost of advertising).
Outsourcing pay-per-click setup, maintenance, and continuous optimization are far more cost-efficient for the typical small business investing in pay-per-click marketing.

Our two most important metrics are the volume of visitors and the number of customers. We will analyze the volume of visitors to your site and the percentage who take the required action.

The monthly traffic volume will change from month to month. Both the efficiency of our work and the size of your advertising budget will play a role. We can produce more for you if we have more energy to work with.

As a result, conversion rates and total amounts will fluctuate. The proportion of people who click on our adverts and go on to make a purchase may be measured, and we may tweak our advertising strategies with this information to increase their effectiveness. With this in mind, we anticipate a rise in your conversion rate.
However, keep in mind that uncontrollable external factors might affect conversions. Consider your competitors' prices, product qualities, websites, and target markets.

The cost of Google AdWords ads might be high. This is because they operate on a pay-per-click basis, so you will incur expenses whenever one of your advertisements is clicked. But the quality of this traffic is usually relatively high, and it's generally well worth it to advertise to those who are already interested in what you offer.
We advise our patrons to think about a customer's monetary worth throughout their relationship with the company. Find out how much you are prepared to pay to win over one consumer after you have this knowledge. We think that with the assistance of a skilled paid search manager, we can assist you in increasing your brand's visibility and attracting new consumers at a cost-effective rate.

A one-time activation charge will apply. The purpose is to get everything organized so you may launch your campaign. We'll get you set up with many administrative systems, including our search engine systems, analytics platforms, and more. We will create all of the required advertising accounts.

A specialist in paid search will be assigned to your account. This expert knows SEO and will likely have worked with clients in your field. Your primary interface with the organization will be this individual. All final deliverables go through an internal review procedure before being given to you. This is done to guarantee that you obtain high-quality results and to help with complex problems.

Through a survey, we hope to learn more about your company. Once you've finished the questionnaire, we'll arrange an onboarding call to go over it and ask any follow-up questions we have about your company. After our initial consultation, we'll undertake more research and build a plan tailored to your company.

You may tell us more about your ad tastes in the accompanying survey. The method of promotion chosen for your company will be laid out in the plan we create together. If this strategy is acceptable, we will begin building the commercials using an advertising calendar. All advertising will be submitted for your approval before they are released to the public.

Your PPC manager will keep tabs on your ads every day. We will temporarily suspend your advertising and adjust your campaign if they are underperforming.
Your PPC manager will also be continuously fine-tuning your campaign. Your advertising campaign often undergoes A/B testing, and AB testing involves putting different versions of your ad and target demographics to the test. It is more probable that we will find areas of efficiency if we test several ad permutations.


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