PPC Services Agency.

We have helped countless companies all around the world, profiting with their online advertising campaigns. If we could do it for them, we can do it for you too.
PPC Services Agency

Our PPC Services

Unique and Original Neurotic PPC Management

We are a PPC management company that does things differently from others. First, we familiarize ourselves and learn all there is to learn about your business allowing us to form unique strategies for your PPC campaigns.
Pay Per Click Management Service

Complete Pay Per Click Management Service

We have all it takes to succeed with your PPC campaign. Be it search, display, or marketing, we have the confidence.

Campaigns For Google

Campaigns For Google Shopping

We will optimize and configure your Google shopping campaign, form advanced strategies, restructure the campaign, and much more.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The battle is only half done after acquiring traffic through Adwords, PPC, and social media ads. By using proven principles from web design, psychology, and neuromarketing, we test and improve your website’s traffic.

AB Testing

A/B Testing

We will thoroughly review and provide feedback for your website and landing pages complete with video annotations.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Our creative landing page along with unique website design will help your campaigns drive further traffic complete with amazingly fast hosting.

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$399 Or 25% of ad spend


$699 Or 25% of ad spend


$1499 Or 20% of ad spend

The Benefits Of Hiring An Agency For PPC

Save Time & Money

There are countless benefits to hiring a PPC management company not to mention a top quality one like Ventcube. If you have a somewhat big company and a decent number of employee, then you can try training some members of your team to manage a PPC campaign. However, it takes a considerable amount of time and cost in general. Whereas a good PPC management company can deliver the best of result in a fraction of time, it would take time to train one of your own while saving money. Leave the job to the most suitable ones, in short, experts like us. Generally speaking, for your campaign to provide results consistently, you’ll need help from experts. Many tend to think PPC campaign management is easy because of its impression, however, PPC management campaigns require a lot of time, effort, resources, and aptitude in digital marketing. Amateurs look for only results and overlook essential factors while experts look for weaknesses and pay attention to important aspects like searching and selecting the right keywords, creating an effective ad copy and landing page, making a strong bidding strategy, and consistently monitoring and analyzing campaign results. Things only a PPC management company can provide you with.

Better Results

A quality PPC management company not only understand a client’s short-term goal but understand what a client wants to in the long run as well. Succeeding in one campaign is not the focus, but success in the overall advertising strategy should be the focus of a quality company. The PPC management service can increase your sale and revenue flow, but you can gain a deep understanding of your targeted market. At the same time, a good PPC management company will help you to make insightful decisions on future campaigns.


Every one of your campaigns should match your strategies and goals for a successful business in the long term. We at Ventcube take all aspects of your campaign into considerations. Also, we will provide you with a dedicated PPC manager and up-to-date advertising tools to help you with your campaigns.

Shared Success

Just as you desire success, we desire your success as well because we are mutually connected. If you are happy, so are we. Therefore, we will provide you with all the tools you need for your campaign to succeed. Also, as a PPC management agency, we can assist you with keyword research, collecting competitor intelligence, market research, and analysis, copywriting, campaign development, campaign monitoring, and more. Keep in mind that PPC is not a one-time setup but a continuous process that needs constant monitoring and update. We will make sure your campaign runs smoothly and without any issue at all.


Ventcube will provide you with honest PPC management service. For both parties to gain trust, it’s best to work without hiding anything at all, and we prioritize working with transparency thinking of our clients. From the time you quote us, you will know what kind of help and tools you will receive from us. You will also have access to performance analysis and campaign analytics tool for you to easily track the campaign results with a thorough analysis. This allows you to know what part of the campaign is underperforming. We will also provide you with reports on a monthly basis. Therefore, you will know how we are performing with help from the tools and our reports.