Lipo Laser Detox Provides laser treatment. Lipo Laser treatment has no pain, surgery, drugs, or downtime. Lipo Laser treatment is a safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for fat reduction. Ventcube provides PPC services for Lipo Laser Detox.

The challenge

While there are many other laser treatment clinics, Lipo Laser Detox can provide laser treatments without pain, surgery, drugs, or downtime. However, it needed to promote itself better to increase its traffic.


Lipo Laser detox was having some difficulties getting the word out about their product, so we worked with Lipo Laser detox to get their name out there. We did a lot of PPC advertising to build awareness about Lipo Laser detox.


As a result, we have seen a significant increase in CTR (click-through rate) and a significant decrease in bounce rate

Lipo Laser Detox

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