How To Use Marketing Automation For Ecommerce

How To Use Marketing Automation For Ecommerce

Marketing automation is a critical tool for online firms to achieve their revenue and development objectives.
Using marketing automation software, small company owners can take charge of their marketing strategy without spending countless hours managing every part of their campaigns. By integrating e-commerce with marketing automation, you can take advantage of all the advantages of a sophisticated shopping experience while also having the capacity to build marketing campaigns that are specifically suited to your target market.
This implies that with a bit of initial setup and periodic tuning and monitoring, you may raise the number of visitors to your site, the number of orders placed, the amount spent on purchases, and the number of returning customers.

How To Raise AOV (Average Order Value)

When was the last time you took the time to consider how much you’re charging for your goods and services? Raising your rates is one of the most effective ways to increase your AOV immediately increase your AOV. If this seems to be a very straightforward answer, that is just because it is. Small firms often set their pricing lower than their clients would be willing to pay for their goods. Perhaps you set your rates low when you started your company quickly to get it up and running, and you haven’t changed them since. Maybe you joined a highly competitive business and wanted to distinguish yourself from your competition by offering cheaper costs.
Regardless, you can use A/B testing, also known as split testing, to determine if increasing the price of a few goods would significantly impact the amount of business you get. This is done by raising the price of a few products and tracking orders over time.

By integrating automation into your eCommerce platform, you can discover critical demographics, segment your audience, and test pricing adjustments with different groups of customers at the same time. Once you’ve gathered some price information, you’ll be able to make appropriate modifications. If it doesn’t work, you may always try lowering your pricing once more. This marketing strategy is worth a try no matter what you’re offering. Using cross-sells and upsells to increase the amount of money you make on each purchase is another strategy to make more money. Rather than purchasing their initial item, cross-selling encourages consumers to buy related things that are more valuable (and hence more expensive). Upselling encourages customers to buy a more practical (but more costly) item rather than their original decision.

You may cross-sell and upsell by incorporating material on the product page, the cart page, and the purchase confirmation page. Even though you are only selling one product, you can still upsell; you have to be a little more imaginative. Offering a bundle package for customers who purchase more than one item or a consultation service in conjunction with a minimum order will help you achieve a higher average order value.

How To Enhance Client Retention In Your Business

When it comes to business, the 80-20 rule applies: most companies get 80 percent of their income from just 20 percent of their clients. Not only do return customers account for the vast majority of income, but it is also considerably less expensive to encourage them to return than to acquire new prospects and guide them through your sales funnel to maximize revenue. Start concentrating your marketing efforts on attracting repeat visitors to increase this portion of your income stream.
Customer retention may be improved by providing a subscription service to guarantee that consumers hear from you and make purchases from you frequently. Providing a subscription service for warranties or on-call customer support might be a unique way to attract consumers if your product isn’t one that they need to repurchase regularly. Subscriptions become a breeze when marketing automation is used. Subscribers will be reminded when it’s time to renew their subscriptions by the system, which will trigger follow-up on a yearly or monthly basis. Because everything is automated, you won’t have to spend any time hunting down individual accounts or running batch programs to complete your tasks.

Ideas for eCommerce Marketing That Are Doable

It is beneficial to automate your eCommerce marketing activities for various reasons, but where do you begin? Here are some tried-and-true strategies for achieving quantifiable outcomes.

Customers Can Be Engaged By Using Dynamic Content

The term “dynamic content” refers to the process of personalizing your material for visitors. When you employ dynamic content, the information and pictures on your pages change in response to your site visitors’ in-session behavior, demographic data, and characteristics. There are two advantages to doing so. First and foremost, giving relevant offers aids in reducing bounce rates and raising conversion rates. Second, it enables you to build experiences that are unique to you.
Consider the last time you signed in to your Amazon account if you need an illustration. What if you found yourself looking at a tab that provided you with many product suggestions based on your search history or purchasing pattern? As a result of the surfing habits of millions of its consumers, Amazon even proposes packaged items to its clients.

Targeted Email Campaigns May Help You Win Back Users

You haven’t seen a client of yours in quite some time. Please get in touch with them using a win-back email campaign and express your appreciation for their time and effort.
You may create triggered email campaigns for people who have not been active for an ‘X’ number of days to re-engage them with your brand. Remember to employ a compelling subject line to increase open rates and pair it with actionable Content Marketing Service to ensure appropriate click-throughs. Reduced membership fees or discount offers, for example, might be used as an additional incentive to encourage subscribers to return to your eCommerce businesses.
Set up a series of win-back emails (such as the one shown in the picture below) to remind subscribers that you are still interested in them regularly.

Using ECommerce Automation, You Can Re-Engage With Old Leads

eCommerce marketing automation allows you to re-engage with former leads who had previously shown interest in your product or Branding service but had fallen out of contact for various reasons. What if you could reach out to them with fresh material and offers to increase your sales?
Consider the following scenario: you identify old leads from previous talks and give them promotional vouchers with dynamic expiry dates to avoid losing out on the deal even if they get your email on a different day than you intended. Every coupon will expire on a different date if the expiry date is dynamic – for example, five days after the email is opened – and this may be automated without any human work on your part.

Customer Service May Benefit From The Use Of Chatbots

Customer service is a focus point for most eCommerce organizations, and it necessitates hiring specialized staff to attend to your consumers on a 24-hour per day basis. A large amount of income is generated for any company, and it may be further increased by using chatbots in the front line of customer support.
But that’s not all there is to it. Using chatbots in retail may also help you provide your customers with a more customized shopping experience. For example, the Nike StyleBot, which assists consumers in customizing their shoes and browsing previously submitted designs for inspiration, is a well-known and highly successful tool. Using Nike StyleBot on Facebook Messenger, shoppers can make their designs and share them with their friends – making the whole shopping experience a lot more enjoyable. Aerie, a clothes and lingerie business, employs a chatbot that communicates with consumers over the Kik message app to help them as they buy. The chatbot provides customers with a choice between ‘this’ and ‘that,’ and users must choose the picture of the style they want to get personalized purchasing suggestions. After a few rounds of customizing, the chatbot can provide consumers with a correctly styled selection in most cases.


You may be asking how to get started with eCommerce Marketing Service in Delaware automation now that you know how it might help you expand in 2021. Here’s how. The most straightforward approach is investing in a unified automated marketing platform that enables you to create tailored and targeted email marketing campaigns in minutes.
It is beneficial if your eCommerce marketing software has pre-built templates for landing pages and drag and drop capability in the page builder. This is in addition to the simplicity of use and smooth third-party connections. Additionally, automated product pages and the option to create bespoke marketing automation processes will significantly reduce your workload.

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