Website Design Pricing 2022 – How Much Does Static Web Design Average Cost?

Website Design Pricing & Cost 2020

Website design pricing & cost are the key concern of many people who has average knowledge at large. Web designers and developers are different however they’re treated as similar. A designer is like a planner or an architect where the developer is a contractor who works as per design. In this article, we try to share some knowledge of web design cost and pricing. Enjoy!!!

Website Design Pricing 2022

When you buy any product or goods from anywhere, definitely you look for the best quality stuff. Whether it is costly or tangled, doesn’t matter. For any website that has a graphical view, smart topics, understandable terms, available to network all time, analogous content- make it a good ranked one. People google for it, bookmark it, recommend to others and surf there. A good website like this needs sharp design procedures and efforts. As much as design added on it, the cost increases. There are many parameters for any website or more likely web page design. These parameters might be costly or cost-effective both. The use of many plugins, images, templates, development tools or programs is high and also difficult to maintain. Simple blogs, educational websites, survey forms, single page database form need low cost where eCommerce, academic sites, companies, industries, news media needs high-resolution pages.Website Design Pricing 2022

You have to target what type of website you need. If it is personal blogs, then simple web pages perform well; if eCommerce or business sites, high definition web pages needed with many privileges. In recent days, there are many free web builder sites online. You can build your own page from it using their system-assigned domain. Purchasing from these sites can provide you a domain and your own subdomain. You can edit, change and delete anything any time from it. For example- provides free webpages and a user can build pages without knowing any basic developing skills. The most number of these free web pages are static, so a fixed graphical view is presented online. static website design cost

How Much does Static Website Design Cost?

Design cost depends on website outlook. Colorful, alluring and weighty sites cost more than normal ones. Websites are two types- static and dynamic. Static sites are easy to develop, less complexity but user interface isn’t that cool. Yet, dynamic sites are complex and should be maintained by a knowledgeable person, looks pretty. Websites are designed by a person called web designer or web developer who must have expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Php,, MySQL and recently added CMS. Static websites need less developing and in 2022, it is not worthy of. Hence, people avoid static sites and it doesn’t cost much. Dynamic sites have many categories and developing steps. Some developers use .net, some use PHP-MySQL or some use WordPress / Joomla. Depending on items or content on a website, costs can be varied.

godaddy static website design cost

Website cost varies man to man, company to company even area to area. IT farms and freelancers has some fixed rate to do any dynamic website. Scandinavian countries have many IT specialists so IT farms are the best choice there. Remote areas that have no better expert in web developing have to look for freelancers online. They prepare one even manage domains and launch it for a personal rate of charges or minimal compensation. IT farms have own employees to build these sites so there is no extra charge for developers. A standard website design cost in the world starts from $400~$2000. Additionally, you have to pay for domain hosting monthly or yearly to keep the design in a web server with URL. Domain hosting companies all over the world at large. Every company has its own terms and conditions and hosting packages. Starting from $40/mo or $350/yr is an example of The US-based website developer and domain hoster provides free hosting if anyone wants to develop a website from them, for a little price.

How much website design average cost?

A webpage relies on some key factors- style, functionality, pages, size, features, database. These are from the design view but also, you have to manage the site live; maintenance and troubleshoot any problematic issues, quick response to users. These things need sharp 24/7 surveillance and follow up service, some auto-generated systems, and speedy internet connection. If you want cheap sites, you can get it even in your expectation; but maintenance is before anything. Developers say-’you wants a site in $400 is possible and you want a site in $40k is not possible as your expected level’. It means websites depend on personal usage, the group works, people purpose, governmental or non-governmental, corporate or incorporate- everything depends on what you want to show or keep in design average cost


Different countries have some fixed rate for web developing and it is categorized by these matters- company license, yearly trade cost, budget, employee salaries or wages, maintenance cost. Most countries do not pay yearly installments or payments to the government to run an IT farm because it’s free of charge. So, in these IT farms, website cost is less and the average site costs $2k~$9k (8-16 pages). In the image up there, you have some idea about website costs in

Basic website design pricing packages

For web designers, the normal going rate in 2019 for a professional small business site is typical $3,000-$6,000 but could be $20,000 depending on page numbers in the site and required customization. When website design comes forth, we think about presumptions. Because the world is full of huge colors in daily living & assume a website that has million visitors with diverse interests choices. When you look for a digital marketing agency, it would finish yielding nothing, because its impossible to reach expectations than fantasies. The clarification is something brand role or audience prosopopeia. This pretty authentic art is a mixture of million people-hours of working experience that also with alternatives in creative thoughts & trivial goal.

Team members of IT farms are specialized іn рrо website design аnd еCоmmеrсе ѕіtе ѕоlutіоnѕ thаt fосuѕ оn уоur оbjесtіvеѕ аnd buѕіnеѕѕ gоаlѕ. Frоm expresses іnstructive sites tо dаtа аррѕ оr оnlіnе stores, IT companies wоrk tо find out уоur goals аnd рrоvіdе ѕоlutіоnѕ. Costs are varied due to some milestones and technical criteria-

  • Normal websites cost less no doubt. Low database and storage result in low graphical user interface costs.
  • Theme and color are key points. A lot of themes are cost-effective, well-furnished and user-friendly. Whereas many themes online are jazzy, stinging, attractive- costs a little bit more.
  • Time duration is another fact. If you require a website instantly or within 2 / 3 days, definitely it costs more than that of 7 / 8 days.
  • Manpower or technical support is another fact. If any IT farm has few developers, they cannot finish their work faster. It takes time to finish the website.
  • The skills of developers cause a website to hand over fast and so it costs.

Low-cost website design

In the beginning, people scheme a small website to test the performance. As soon as the performance grows, they add items, colors, alluring looks onto it. Small business sites or personal blog sites are cost-effective. People nowadays use many free websites on the internet to create, design or change their own websites. These websites provide basic content on any site and need no coding knowledge. Online surfers find out some helpful website designing sites on the internet world globally. Let’s have a look at who they are and what they allow for a user- Top-ranked webpage building site which allows a member-

  • To drag pictures feature built-in templates and create by hands
  • No HTML or other coding languages needed
  • Paid members can get an individual domain

Yola For starters or newbie customers, yola is a good solution for them to run any small business instantly. It has some marvelous features-

  • To start a small business of any type
  • Yola basic is free to build or design
  • Add-ons are included with a PayPal shopping cart, so eCommerce sites can be created quickly

Weebly This designing site is for advanced users who have design ability. They allow nice features-

  • For extreme perfected site
  • Unlimited pages are available
  • Free web hosting

Webs It was established by three members in a family to help the free designers and small business people. Features of webs are-

  • Low cost for starter sites
  • Good packages
  • Pro users of this site are facilitated by a free domain name, hosting, unlimited webpages, mobile app, and infinite storage

Webstarts A booming site to design or create using 100s of built-in templates. It has online tools and affiliations to many software firms. Key elements here-

  • For a small business holder
  • Low-cost versions are available
  • High-cost versions offer custom domain name, storage, and SEO tools Already there’s a snapshot of their site in this article, scroll up a bit. You can start with a free user registration and starter site for blog or business. Many plans and packages with extraordinary privilege make in the top 10 websites hosting and designing a site in the global market. Major criteria are-

  • Free domain hosting and name
  • Design services and maintenance
  • Low-cost annual plan which requires free domains, unlimited pages, and 1GB storage
  • The starter package has 60 design choices in the first year
  • Best package of is ‘business plus plan’ which have social media collaboration, corporate email, 50 GB storage, and mobile apps

So, you can pick any of the above-mentioned sites to run your small business, blogs, forums, groups or several websites.

Website design cost estimate

Website design cost estimation depends on what type of website you want to create. So, you have to set a plan and then go for estimation. There are two categories: beginner and professional. Amature sites which we called in most cases need fewer complications where professional sites are vibrant.

Website design estimate

Look at the picture which shows you an estimation of a web developing company. This is an online site where you can set attributes and requirements for your site by sliding bars or manual editing. After completing your expectations, press the pricing button and it will show you the costs into two categories. For example- I used here all basic requirements for an eCommerce site however it showed the range of cost from $16k~25k approximately. This value can differ among developing companies.

Some tips to find out the best solution

Here are some tips-

  • Firstly, think about types- Beginner or professional, static or dynamic, dashing or classic, urgent or not.
  • Select categories as e-commerce / corporate / personal / institutional / industrial / social media.
  • Think about how much content on the website. More content more complex and costly. Similarly, look for styles of the website whether it is documentary or multimedia.
  • Content can be images, copywriting, logos and huge data. Therefore, find how much users are involved further.
  • If it is an eCommerce site, find how many products online. Each product has its description and images. Like many products, so the images.
  • Total pages in a site is a major issue. There are many sites that have a single page. Obviously, a single page site needs no large scale developing. For example, a 5-page website costs $600.
  • If you use real data, bids, platforms, forums, and people; the cost would be higher.
  • For a dynamic site or content-manageable website, any inclusion of add-ons costs a little bit high.

Website design cost for small business

Two basic factors to determine small business website cost- size and complexity. Likewise for a superfast running business without any technical skills need a professional developer. Freelancers all over the world are eager to create or develop any website you want; so, they are the highest priority to make your own website. Recent web designers fixed their rate for a professional small business website within the range of $3k-$6k. As the number of pages increases, the rate also increases. A lot of intimidating costs are added to run a small business website design because development and design are different. Development needs smart and sharp coding knowledge with fast fingers. However, the design needs to create a form of the site or outlook. People should be impressed at the first look. A designer embellishes a site and the developer makes it live to sum up.

Website design cost for small business


Some hints for small business website cost

After some online hiking, net analyzers approximated minimal costs for website designing and supporting works. In the following list, you can have some idea about recent trends-

Website criteria & Costs (in $)

  • Small business website:  2k – 8k
  • Medium-sized business website: 10k – 25k
  • Ecommerce website: 5k – 40k
  • Large business website: 25k – 40k
  • Domain name hosting: 200 – 300 / yr
  • SSL certificate: 10 – 1k / mo
  • Website hosting: 10 – 99 / mo
  • Redesign: 1k – 20k
  • Theme design: 10 – 100
  • Responsive web design: 2k
  • SEO: 200 – 500
  • Pay per click:  100 – 1k

So, you can easily get a small business professional website at $3000 as the list above. Later you can modify or edit the design by redesigning which costs only $1000 – $20000 and the site content remains the same without any distortion or malfunction.

Website design cost in the UK

It is expected that your website costs between £100 and £10,000 in total, depending on your demand. There are many websites, but in a nutshell, it is categorized into four: basic, eCommerce, bespoke and small business. A lot of website builders on the marketplace which approve you to build a website from scribble, cost-free, without technical experience. Website designers are experts for making a normal site that fits into a pre-molded template (e.g. restaurant, hotel, the online cart). However, for a more delicate and exclusive website, it is recommended to use a skillful web developer. In the UK, companies or organizations hire professional website designers and developers to complete any website. Moreover, people are looking for freelancers or offshore web farms that provide cheap rate website design and developing. Freelancers are the best choice because an IT farm has limited web designers. Freelancers all over the world online serve any task at an hourly rate or contractual basis.

Depending on design parameters and aspects; website design in the UK has been enlisted recently with better statistical viewpoints. Aligned digital, a globally renowned company provides pretty packages for websites. They fixed the costs according to every client’s expectation and demand.

Basic Category – £25 / mo

  • 1-5 pages
  • Template design
  • Hosting
  • Basic SEO

Business Category – £50 / mo

  • 1-15 pages
  • Custom design
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Advanced SEO

Ecommerce  Category – £100 / mo

  • Unlimited pages
  • Custom design
  • Hosting
  • Advanced SEO
  • Product update

Custom Category – £200 – £10000

  • Unlimited pages
  • Custom design
  • Custom development
  • Advanced SEO

Website design cost in GoDaddy

The US-based famous web designer site is that is the world’s most popular domain hosting site as well as a host. Around 19million users are currently using their domain. Attractive features and smart plans are the main ground of which makes them famous domain hosting site, universally. Major responsibilities and specialties of are-

  • Manageable in one place
  • Customized theme building as customer expectation
  • Suitable for any device whether it is a MAC or android
  • All designs here are responsive and handy
  • Faster loading performance
  • Secured SSL options
  • Corporate data drive recommendations
  • Drop-down menus for easy navigation when there are many webpages
  • Email marketing, review widget facility, SEO, facebook insights
  • Image editing and blog commenting

78 million domains are under keen management on this website. The plans and packages are furthermore exquisite-

  • Basic – $8.99 / mo  –  * 1-month free trial
  • Standard – $14.99 / mo – * 1-month free trial
  • Premium – $21.99 / mo –  * 1-month free trial
  • eCommerce – $27.99 / mo –  * 1-month free trial

Freelance website design cost

Freelancing and online marketing are the most interesting and familiar with the cyber world nowadays. Already, guru, stack exchange, are prominent places to find or hire a freelancer. A web-service company of IT farm or web designer costs from $2k-$25k for basic and advance sites; however, a freelancer in those mentioned websites can be found at a low cost. Freelancers start out with an hourly rate in these sites because there are many faster web designers all over the world. Clients do not care about time or duration rather they emphasis well-furnished work including expectation. Newbie web designer can work at $30 / hr where expert developers need $60 – $75 / hr. HTML5, add-ons, mobile responsiveness costs extra charges for sparse website design. Upwork freelancers rate their charges at $15-$40+ (for basic design), $15-$40+ (for CMS), $15-$40+ (for full custom design).

Website design cost per hour

Earlier in here, you see the range of hourly rate is between $15-$75. Sometimes freelancers work on fixed-rate price or project-based jobs. These are better from both ends because it makes designer working and editing or modifying options. Freelancers provide work in a scheduled time with a low cost per hour. A typical charge is $75 / hr moreover a full-stacked website costs $6760 in total. An hourly rate can be varied according to CSS-tricks. If you need a small business website, then you can hire a freelancer who finishes the work within 2 / 3 hours and costs are minimal. For large business web design, post a project with requirements and wait some moment. Freelancers bid the project and you can find many low bidders there to pick one.

One page website design cost

As you know, more pages mean more work hence more costly. But there are single page websites online at large. If you want a single page blog site, definitely it costs much less. Costs can be changed more or less due to some parameters-

  • Home projects mean the project from a friend or family. It costs too low because of the interpersonal relationship
  • Long term projects cost low
  • New clients get low costs from designer end
  • Not committed to working as full-day costs low too
  • Local freelancers place low bids

Website cost calculator

Recently there are many websites or apps on our devices to find out how low website design costs. By selecting some sidebars on these calculators, one can calculate an approximate cost of website design. An approximation was explained in earlier sections. Starting from basic to advance website design, costs vary from $4k-$40k including domain, host, and perspectives. Some well-known calculators that estimate website design costs are:,, and These sites are handy to everyone and test costs for a website design.

WordPress website design cost

WordPress is an open-source software to create websites, blogs, social sites, and e-commerce sites. Using extravagant themes and widgets, WordPress sites are the most enhancing and emerging area in the cyber world today. As it is open-source software and free to all, no costs needed for it. However, people ask if it is free, how the costs come from? The answer is, costs depend on web hosting, domain, plugins, extensions, and designing. If you can design a WordPress site, then design costs are reduced besides, the other costs are mandatory. Self-hosting can be done by personal webserver furthermore you can upload contents any time anywhere. Domain should be purchased from leading hosting companies. Because, reputable companies have their own responsibilities to take care of the website and they maintain, troubleshoot problems and inform the customer from time to time. We figured out some costs of WordPress website design costs on the internet-

  • Basic: Content managing, user involving ………………….. $100 – $500
  • Advance: Email marketing, Paypal, visitors, facebook affiliation ………………….. $300 – $1000
  • Corporate: Database, updating, users, basic SEO ………………….. $500 – $1000
  • Ecommerce: All supporting widgets, product update, users, affiliations, SEO, maintenance, troubleshooting ………………….. $5000 – $15,000

As there are fabulous features in WordPress websites, tons of law firms, e-commerce sites, real estate organizations are recently invested in their website designing with it. Depending on workload and congestion, these sites costs. Moreover, personal blog or profile sites can also be created with WordPress.

Law firm website design cost

A law firm is built by lawyers, attorneys, legal advisors, support staff who all have a portfolio. Many clients register here or take consultancy from advisors has also their correspondents. Hence a large amount of data is needed to run the business quite. Inspection sites on the cyber world followed up the current costs of law firm web design globally. The best options in these analyzers provide you to have an idea of recent rituals.

  • Small law firms: 1 to 10 attorneys…………………. 300$ – 1000$
  • Medium law firms: 10 to 50 attorneys…………………. 1000$ – 1500$
  • Large law firms: More than 50…………………. 1500$ – 3000$

So, if you want to create a law firm, pick any package from the chart that better suited for your firm.

Law firm website design cost

Ecommerce website design cost

Apparently, online shopping or electronic commerce system is the most demanding feature in real life. Every day we make orders, credit materials from it, surf and wander in the site intensely, an economic shuffling is happening to our daily life. To know a total idea about costs, below table can help you a lot I hope-

  • Pages for website:……………… $50 to $100
  • Website design: ……………… $250 to $40,000
  • Website copy: ……………… $25 to $300 per page
  • SEO for website: ……………… $200 to $1,500 per month
  • Responsive design: ……………… $500 to $20,000
  • Database integration: ……………… $500 to $10,000 per integration
  • Ecommerce functionality: ……………… $700 to $10,000
  • Content management system (CMS): ……………… $500 to $10,000
  • Domain name: ……………… $10 to $1,00+ per year
  • Hosting: ……………… $20 to $500 per year

Real estate website design cost

A real estate company or organization can be created into basic to advanced category. Advance real estate company need database-driven service for the clients. They surf websites, check packages, offers, accept or reject agreements; hence need strong and fast responsive servers with low loading time webpages. Key requirements for a real estate website design are-

  • Strong content creation
  • Sharp project management
  • Attractive web design
  • Skilled web development
  • Fine CMS integration
  • Fast speed hosting and correlative domain

Keeping the above criteria in mind, designers estimated costs of real estate business into the following categories-

Real estate website design cost


From the chart, you see the database-driven websites are costly compared to the basic simple one. Basic sites are informational but cannot work properly when a large number of users stacked in their system.

Service and Maintenance cost of website design

Service and maintenance are different viewpoints. Service means regular check-ups and troubleshoots problems (if any). Besides, maintenance means a certain duration of service. In a word, every maintenance is a service but every service is not maintenance. Service can be short-timed where maintenance is a continuous duration. Different companies offer different and distinguished costs for both.

When you want to design a website, one of the key features is service. Service can be website hosting, domain hosting, server hosting, regeneration, CMS management and many more. For a personal blog site, hosting can be a service. An eCommerce site needs to update products, upload new products, prices, contents, review and customer FAQs. So, an eCommerce site can ask the provider or designer for servicing.

  • Basic blog sites, personal profile sites: ………..$30 – $75 Costs / hr
  • Basic SEO site: ………..$50 Costs / hr
  • Advance SEO site: ………..$50 – $150 Costs / hr
  • Ecommerce site: ………..$100 – $250 Costs / hr
  • Customized HTML,CSS site: ………..$20 – $75 Costs / hr
  • Customized database site: ………..$60 – $100 Costs / hr
  • Small database site: ………..$20 – $50 Costs / hr
  • Large database site: ………..$100 – $250 Costs / hr

Care & Maintenance costs of website design

However, maintenance costs obviously high because of its long term servicing. For maintenance, a constant service needed for a webpage. How many people log into or how many products are renewed, back-end works are necessary. Many sites online are analyzing day-to-day up-gradation on maintenance costs. A brief view can help you a bit-

  • Basic blog sites, personal profile sites: ………..$30-$3000  Costs / yr
  • Basic SEO site: ………..$200-$1000  Costs / yr
  • Advance SEO site: ………..$1000-$2500  Costs / yr
  • Ecommerce site: ………..$500-$3500  Costs / yr
  • Customized HTML,CSS site: ………..$0-$150  Costs / yr
  • Customized database site:  ………..$1500-$4500  Costs / yr
  • Small database site: ………..$300-$1000  Costs / yr
  • Large database site: ………..$3000-$15000  Costs / yr

Price of website design

Price and cost sound similar but the basic difference is: a ready work has a price where works need cost. one is like pre-paid and the other is purchasable. You can order for website design by filling up online forms. or hard copies that support relevant providers.

A lot of IT firms and hosting companies have ready-made website designs. People ask there to know the price of the required websites they need. For example- if you need to run a small business with a website, IT firms show you prices according to templates. you can pick one, choose one and get one on the instant.

Typical website expenses are broken down as soon as the number of IT firms grows. Many have own strategy and implementations or innovations that become most competitive. Today, you do not need to estimate costs for a website unless you don’t need a customized website.

WordPress, eCommerce site price

Content management service or more likely CMS is ruling the world recent days. It is the best choice to start a business with eCommerce. To start a business like that, you can choose a customized website or a ready-made one. But, a customized website needs some estimations before designing and developing.

WordPress is a CMS and open source for all, hence people ask for it. Ecommerce websites that made of WordPress are low-cost and prices. Many online IT firms and website hosting companies set pricing to these types of work-

  • Namecheap – $0.82/mo
  • Siteground –  $4.65/mo
  • Bluehost – $3.95/mo
  • Inmotion – $4.89/mo
  • A2hosting – $4/mo
  • iPage – $3.75/mo
  • GreenGeeks – $3.95/mo

These are the hosting price of different website design companies. They rated their designer and developer cost as-


  • Basic: $2000
  • Advanced: $7500


  • Basic: $300-$2000
  • Advanced: $1000-$5000
  • Pre-made themes: $500
  • Plugins: $1000
  • Developer: $1000

These links can help you to find the best option- Namecheap, Siteground, Bluehost, inmotion, A2hosting, iPage, GreenGeeks.

Website design price packages

Already you have seen many prices and packages and learned some ideas on it so far. Some companies offer you packages all over the year. Even at the festival, these companies launch new strategies that suit public demand. Say, offer their customers a lifetime free repair cost of website design.

  • Starter: ………..  500$
  • Customized: ………..  1000$
  • Ecommerce: ……….. 1500$
  • Starter static: ……….. 300$
  • Professional static: ……….. 500$
  • Dynamic: ……….. 700$
  • Ecommerce store with CMS: ……….. 1000$

Price can vary if an interpersonal relationship is strong, from freelancers, known corporate branches, hosting companies.

Price of website templates

A huge number of people are not satisfied with their site outlook or appearance. They need more and more colorful, outstanding graphical aspect and high resolution. Even a static website needs some exquisite look. So, there are lots of templates on the internet.

Price of website templates


The price of templates is variable and changing day by day. Some websites offer a high price, on the other hand, some are more flexible in pricing.  There are a lot of categories in website design- WordPress, PSD, marketing, one page, eCommerce, CMS theme, corporate, personal, professional, creative and many more.

Static templates cost low and start from $8. Static sites with good graphical representation is a bit higher priced by the designer. Steady and subtle dynamic website with basic attributes costs likewise professional static websites. Both start price from $500-$2500. Some well-known template market place from where you can find tons of template is-

  • about 47,630 WordPress theme starts from $2 makes the world’s largest WordPress theme store. They are the leading theme seller in the global marketplace.
  • it is appreciated to customize self template or site but has many free templates that help any user. HTML templates with nice CSS features and plugins make templates a lot better than designers. Try some templates from it, you won’t be bothered.
  • a fantastic outlook and attractive graphical user interface makes webflow templates to the acme. Webflow has the world’s best partners as affiliations-MTV, AMD, Zendesk, NASA, Dell, twitter, facebook. They update their templates on a regular basis.
  • best theme and template provider in the eCommerce sector. Their shop plug-ins and widgets are extraordinary and some of those are totally free of cost. Usually, they start their pricing from $2.99 to $199.99.
  • The best html5 CSS templates are here and free. Landing pages and minimal templates are attractive and soothing for mobile screens.
  • I recommend this website personally because I couldn’t find the end of their template store. It is endless and every day increases. In my view, this is the world’s largest HTML and bootstrap template database. WordPress themes are also available here at a low cost. Every profession they covered here so you can easily find your relevant template.
  • business, portfolio, medical and eCommerce are their main concerns. Hence, they focus their themes and templates in that particular field. They have paid themes and templates called ‘Hugo theme’. Best looking ever I’ve experienced.


Smartness is a tough thing- hard to be also. You surfing websites, social media, youtube, Netflix, google every day; ever think to show yourself online? Or in live video? Apart from it, ever think to help people by your knowledge, skill, suggestions or consultations? When you think these, definitely question arise in you ‘how could I do this?’. It is possible when you make your intrinsic blog or website. It is not hard rather easier enough compared to swimming in a pool. Web designers and freelancers are ready to design any site from the range of $0 – $40,000. IT firms and consultant agencies are 24 / 7 at your service. So, when you will try your blog or website? Get it by today with a simple domain hosting and free template.

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