Brand Identity Design

I did this brand identity design project for the jewelry company Jewlity. The company wanted to create a logo, business card, and letterhead that was unique and instantly recognizable. The idea was to create a symbol that would be instantly recognizable and easily used in any design.

The challenge

Jewlity needed a new logo that was modern, simple, and unique. There was limited space on their logo, so the logo had to be simple yet be able to be enlarged for printing purposes.


To help them achieve this goal, I first created a mood board with several design ideas to choose from. I then created several sketches based on the ideas on the mood board. I took inspiration from the jewelry industry and the art of gemstone cutting.


The logo and business cards were perfect for the brand. The company can now use them in presentations, advertising, and anywhere else where the logo needs to be seen.

Jewlity Brand Identity Design By VentCube

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