How To Grab Attention On Social Media

How To Grab Attention On Social Media

Advertising on social media platforms is not a new concept—more than ten years since Facebook established itself as the dominant social media platform. Because of the robust targeting algorithms provided by social media platforms, most firms nowadays include one or more of these networks into their marketing strategies. Even though a firm can determine its target demographic, the advertising must be compelling enough to capture their attention. To engage an audience, you need to create content that makes them sit up and pay attention to what you say.

Tips To Grab Attention on Social Media

Give new product/service announcements.

When your company introduces a new product or service, make sure to notify your fans through social media channels. This might assist in generating interest and spreading the word about your new product or service.
Suggestion: To develop suspense and anticipation for a new product launch, try teasing the announcement by dropping clues about the approaching excitement ahead of time. But be careful not to give away too much information before the big revelation – this will ensure that there is still something to disclose.

Share product-usage ideas

In particular, if your company’s product or service has a wide range of applications or uses, inform your followers of this by publishing a post that outlines all of the available alternatives.
Tip: Usage photographs and brief explanations to demonstrate all of the numerous ways your product may be utilized. This will make it as simple as possible for prospective consumers to envision the use you’re attempting to express.

Answer consumer questions

If your customers often ask a specific question concerning your product or service, try creating a blog post that clearly and thoroughly addresses the subject. In addition, such a circumstance may provide marketing intelligence, such as the fact that your product handbook or other valuable instructions may need to be adjusted to answer the often asked question.
Tip: Include the most often requested question at the opening of your article, and then follow up with your complete response to the query.

Ask your customers a question.

Alternatively, corporations may utilize their social media sites to solicit feedback from their followers on a possible product or service, a product feature, or simply a hypothetical that piques their interest.
Tip: Posing a thought-provoking topic on social media, particularly one that is likely to elicit a range of varied responses, is an excellent approach to start a dialogue. When it comes to maintaining a highly professional image, firms should stick to pertinent issues to their sector.

Showcase company culture

It is possible to develop a relationship with customers via the use of any picture or video that provides followers a feel of what your business and corporate culture are about. Typical examples include articles promoting business parties and trips and training sessions, awards ceremonies, philanthropic endeavors, and other activities.

Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos

The same way that the company culture posts described above allow followers to see how a product is made or what kinds of skills are required to provide a particular service, businesses can provide them with photos and videos that give followers special access and allow them to see behind the scenes at a company.

Share customer photos

When your consumers share fantastic images of your brand, re-post them to your social media accounts to demonstrate how your product or service is being used and express your gratitude to your customers for sharing photos of your brand with their friends and family.
Tip: Create a brand-specific hashtag that customers may use to tag images that include your products or services to help you stay on top of shared photos containing your brand.

Share consumer reviews and testimonials

Whenever consumers have great things to say about a business’s goods or services, the brand may magnify the positive effects by posting glowing reviews or testimonials on their social media networks. Companies may do this by simply posting a great post from a customer or producing and uploading a visual that showcases the customer’s remarks and feedback.
It’s also crucial for businesses to react to nasty remarks or reviews when consumers express unfavorable feelings about their brand online. Companies should make every effort to fix the problem and, wherever feasible, move the dialogue offline (and away from the public forum).

Offer exclusive promotions, discounts, or deals.

One fantastic approach to thank your fans for their involvement in your social pages — as well as a means to generate interest (and shares) — is to give discounts, bargains, and other promotions that are only available on your social media sites.
Tip: When you conduct promotions, be sure to post the offer across all of your social media channels to get more exposure and enhance the likelihood of more sharing by followers.

Post short videos

According to HubSpot, studies reveal that social media posts that include video get over 50% more views than posts that do not have video. Video posts on Facebook receive around 65 percent more interaction than posts that do not have video.
A word of caution: While professionally created videos are excellent, films uploaded on social media do not need to belong or be elaborately made – short and basic movies will do.


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