Brand Identity Design

VentCube Create Brand identity design For “Guide To Pick,” It’s a simple and clean design with a minimalistic feel. The only thing that needs to be improved is the color palette. This website shows the best products for your home or office.

Guide To Pick

The challenge

The Guide To Pick brand has already been established, and they want to enhance its brand identity with a logo and a more professional feel. The challenge is to design a simple yet elegant brand identity that can be easily recognized and used across multiple channels, like their website


We took inspiration from the different shapes that are seen in nature. We wanted to convey that the Guide To Pick app would help users select the right product for their needs based on the shape and the material that is required.


The logo design is simple and elegant, conveying the simplicity of the Guide To Pick brand. The logo design gives the Guide To Pick app a simple and professional feel.

Guide To Pick Brand Identity Design By VentCube

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