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Niche sites or Amazon Niche website building service are defined as a personal website for any kind of people worldwide. Basically, it is already known to all about Amazon affiliation, and Niche sites are a type of affiliate marketing. You can earn passive money from your site by affiliate advertisement. Digital marketing or precisely online marketing isn’t that easy it looks like. Expert people are working steadily to innovate new strategies and here we are to help you with our expertise. We have an experience of 5 years in this connection and happily spanning our journey to date. So, wanna make money faster, you are welcome to us! We can start with new ones or upgrading if you have an existing one.

An outstanding strategy can make an enormous profit

We make figures with Amazon Niche Site

It sounds comfy when anyone says, “make a niche and earn money quicker”. Most people interested in this. Real facts are different here. A niche site has a mere difference with regular sites. Regular sites need lots of strategies and techniques. Pro designers and developers even need to do a lot of work here. It takes a month, half a year or a year sometimes. Fabulous look, customer embarking development & good SEO strategies are the basic ingredients for any niche site. However, we’ve already proven our talent in the cyber arena and yet the best service provider in this competitive sector. Set your mind to earn from niche sites and knock us anytime!

How Can We Help You?

What's Included with Our Amazon Niche Site Building Services

For client privileges, we categorized our services into the following sections. Depending on your budget, these services could be altered.

Earnable Niche Selection

This is the primary stage of your niche. We cannot select those products that are not necessary for your area. We select those products that are needed for more profit or earning from affiliation. However, our smart optimizers always keep working on niche sites and upgrade if necessary.

Keyword Research

The second step for niche sites is researching relevant keywords. To engage more traffic on your site, keyword selection is a major criterion. People visit your site by proper keywords. Our expert members research local keywords and equivalent keywords for niche sites to enhance people’s attraction.

Content Creation

Content is the king of any site’s portfolio. After researching keywords, our next task is finding smart, qualified, flawless content for the product. The better content on-site, the better-interested people. Our expert member’s perseverance helps a niche site strong and bold.

Quality Content Creator

It is difficult to find a quality content creator in this competitive cyber world. However, we have a good reputation in content creation and so far numerous people have been facilitated by our quality content. Product reviews need a lot of research work and study as well as keen knowledge about the marketplace. We assure of everything in this sector, to be precise.

Complete On-page SEO

Basically, SEO consist of two types: on-page and off-page. It needs severe expertise to complete on-page SEO. But, our technologists can work both on-page and off-page. On-page SEO has some dedicated tactics to follow the trend and for site ranks.

Authorized UX/UI

Any website must have to be responsive and alluring in an authorized UI. People look for a smart and faster website for smooth navigation. Recently, the mobile responsive sites are trending and we create every site into mobile-optimized ones. With a decorative authorized UI site, your niche attracts more people.

One Month Backlink Campaign

Niche sites need backlinks as soon as it launches. We provide our client with a one-month backlink package after the site launch. It is our special campaign for everyone who takes our plan. A backlink is needed to be familiar to the amazon sales group.

Three Month Strategy Campaign

After a project being launched, we provide a three-month technical service. Because we want our client to be ranked on the top of every search engine. It is strictly mentioned to our optimizers to be in touch with our clients as much as they can.

Competitive Analysis

In your area, you are not alone. Several competitors are overlapping and spreading their strategy there. Not in a certain area but worldwide there are many competitors for a single product page. Our goal is to make your niche above all of them. Ventcube team members timely analyze local competitors and worldwide product sites to see their strategy and take action consequently.

Long-tail Keywords

This is a new strategy for SEO. Conventional short keywords are available online and maximum SEO experts seek for it, work on it and optimize first. So, we tried long-tail keywords for more search abilities; fabulous results we had already. Likewise, for niche sites, we use long-tail keywords hence more visit from surfers.

Three Months of Support

Similar to three-month backlink support, we provide three-month keen support to our clients. Because a site not only needs backlinks but also needs SEO, design, developing and updating. Our creative team tries to make the site well-furnished as they can.

Content Support

To make your site profitable, it obviously needs quality content. A visitor doesn’t read every content if it is lengthy. People need more information from short content. Our quality and creative writer support with fantastic content that engages more people to the site.

Premium Logo & Graphics

These two sections are mandatory to launch a niche site. The logo is an introduction to your site’s gist. We have creative graphics designers who can make any logo within a blink of an eye. Moreover, our graphics designer team helps to create relevant logos that needed for your site. Not only for niche, but we also help to create logos for websites.

High-Quality Content

Every website becomes top or bottom for quality content. Content that has enough information with good graphical images, no misspelling, no grammatical error, and native tone is always favorite to visitors. Your niche site needs good language and an easier tone to attract more people. Our target is to create high-quality content within a short time but with more people involvement.

Email Support

We try to provide 24x7 support for our clients. However, thinking of all clients we support everyone by email. We have an online chat option but if anyone feels uncomfortable to chat or network problems, they can consult us through email. We reply instantly or within an hour.

Amazon Niche sites building service in a nutshell

It is difficult to get a short summary of Amazon Niche sites because the strategies here are tactical a bit. However, expert and innovative designers always seek some smart techniques to develop any niche. Likewise, we figured out some catchy steps to build any niche. Our exquisite provisions are-

01  Niche Selection

02 Keyword Research

03  Design & Development

04 Content Strategy

Do not try own, a lot you’ll miss

Scenarios of Building a Niche Site for Affiliate Marketing

Many people are well-known about recent technologies and we appreciate that much. Even a lot of people are aware of amazon niche site building, SEO, digital marketing, etc. But if you want to create on your own, some tactics or strategies you might miss. Major problems creating a niche site by non-expert people are:

There is a hefty difference between a known person and an experienced person. Similarly, if you know about niche sites but didn’t experience it either; this would be pointless. Because an expert niche site developer can know tips and tricks of niche sites.

As keyword searching is a major part, people may fail to focus on it. Relevant keyword finding is stout for versatile people. Expert SEO marketers know this searching method well.

The next one is product searching. Relevant products in a certain area are the most basic requirement for niche sites. You have to figure out customer demands and ratings.

Quality content is a must for every product or service. In amazon niche sites, we basically work for product sales, henceforth it is recommended to provide top-class content. Most of the people do not have such skills because everyone isn’t that creative that needed for niche sites.

The next part is searching for profitable products. It varies from zone to zone. If your area needs wooden bowls and you create your niche content as silver bowls, definitely it won’t work. People’s demands are a major concern here so you have to find the best-required product in your area.

On-page SEO is an important factor for a niche site. Expert digital marketers can do this with their sharp skills. But it is hard to figure out the strategies for diverse people. Even off-page SEO isn’t that easy.

Experience, expertise, and knowledge- three different features. Outcomes vary in each provision of these three. People having knowledge and without experience are newbies. People having experience without expertise are mid-level. So, people having expertise is the best doers.

Scenarios of Niche Site

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Our Pricing Plans

Our Affordable Niche Site Building Price and Packages

As your niche site earnings vary accordingly, henceforth costs and price alter according to site configuration and structure. Numerous service farms, IT farms and SEO farms set their corresponding niche site creation price and costs. Some of them are really cost-effective whereas some are costly. But every niche site building costs are affordable to our client. Ventcube service costs for Amazon Niche Site design varies within the range from $2000 – $5000, content writing cost hourly $10 – $15, link building (total) $500 – $1000, Pinterest affiliate per month $400. Moreover, fixed price niche sites are available to us. We price it according to the site’s monthly income. For example, a $250/mo profitable site price is $8,500. As the monthly income increases, price increases gradually. So it would be better to take our packages for affordable services.


Get your niche site journey started
$ 599
  • Niche Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Authority Looking Design
  • High Quality Content - 15,000 Words
  • Basic On Page SEO with Keywords
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • Infographic Creation & Submit
  • Top 5 Social Media Accounts
  • Basic Off Page SEO


Get your niche site journey started
$ 799
  • Niche Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Authority Looking Design
  • High Quality Content - 20,000 Words
  • Basic On Page SEO with Keywords
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • Infographic Creation & Submit
  • Top 5 Social Media Accounts
  • Basic Off Page SEO


Get your niche site journey started
$ 999
  • Niche Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Authority Looking Design
  • High Quality Content - 25,000 Words
  • Basic On Page SEO with Keywords
  • Premium Logo & Graphics
  • Infographic Creation & Submit
  • Top 5 Social Media Accounts
  • Basic Off Page SEO

Promotion! Sell! Research! Narrowcasting! Demographic! Affiliate!

Affiliate Businesses Need Success That Defines Them

Niche sites need some strategies and techniques. Moreover, it has pros and cons, unimaginable facts, people’s interests and many more. Here we describe some most common features for a Niche site-building.

What is a Niche Site?

Niche sites are basically small websites that make small groups of people to be engaged in. Even large website portions can be a niche site. For example, imagine you have a website that sells online products. Now you see, a certain product is demanding but many competitors in marketplaces. You have to make a new website about that particular product. Sounds creepy, right? Okay, let me explain vividly. Let us assume you have kids trampoline, smartwatch, robot toys, dress robes. Robot toys are demanding but there are huge sites to purchase one. You have to create a niche site on robot toys, reviews, quality content on robot toys, specifications, pros & cons, comparative statistics. People start engaging there and parallelly you make sales from the main site, earn from the niche site too because Amazon offers you a percentage of each product sales.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?

Simply, this is a site that earns from the amazon corporation. People make niche sites to create affiliate links/banners of Amazon. Your niche site earns revenue from Amazon’s affiliate program. Furthermore, review sites help to make more profit if positive. There is nothing of the sort as the best subject for Amazon. A few people just made topics considered them the most appropriate yet it’s a stunt to offer them to you another item. Simply take any free subject from WordPress which is light, advanced and has a straightforward plan. It’s about the substance you compose and your page enhancement, nobody does it for you.

Former, Existing, Upcoming Features of Niche

  • Lots of pages in a single niche site in the former days. Now it is prohibited.
  • Static sites were at large in late 2k10. Recently static sites are evaporating.
  • Profitable keywords are recent trends of niche.
  • Quality content is the key to any product or service. Every niche site requires this.
  • Long-tail keywords are the upcoming features of niche sites for more traffic. 
  • SEO and local SEO techniques are ongoing but it will upgrade more.
  • Amazon and Google change their strategy, hence digital marketers will improve their techniques.

Legitimate Link Building

Link building isn’t that easy rather it is hard for niche sites. SEO marketers use some basic strategies here. We mostly add affiliate links in social media, profiles and redirect links. Moreover, some extra features we mostly use here: Guest posting. Blog commenting. Infographics. Reddit and Tumblr. Reverse image search. Many niche sites cannot earn or profit sometimes because of inherent risk factors. Good news for you! We do not let any niche site unprofitable. We think of quality and attractive niches. As the betterment grows, so the traffic; and acquisition is yours.

Niche Selection & Generation

Online sectors are competitive nowadays. To cope with these trends, every digital marketer has to be analytical and dynamic. Niche selection is an important provision because of this struggling arena. The main concern is to involve more traffic on niche sites. To do this, our expert marketers research relevant niches for niche sites. Then it is optimized by several times with registered tools and software. Results or outcomes of the total procedure are analyzed. When 80% green signal is done, we generate niche sites. Each niche site we create, those are unique and profitable. All of our clients are earning already from niche sites.

Keyword Research for Amazon Niche Site

Likewise a business, niche sites need appropriate keywords also. According to client demand, a certain area needs relevant keywords that suit customers. Otherwise, the efforts could be futile. There are several methods to find keywords. Purchased tools or online software help to identify keywords. People search keywords on search engines so keywords are important issues. Questions, reviews, numeric askings also counted as keywords. As soon as website design or development is done, expert marketers search keywords for the corresponding site. Basically, amazon niche site keywords mostly analogous to products, reviews, manufacturers and cost.

Design and Development Strategies

This is the basement of any niche site creation. Design and development are unlike together. Design is architectural, development is operational. A designer creates site structures, developers put the rest. Developers create blocks, put images, articles, and other necessary elements. For a niche site, our designers assemble a dynamic structure using CMS or other dynamic methods. Expert developers furnish it using quality images, sizes, and subsidiaries. Creative content writers provide unique, readable, SEO-friendly content to the developed niche site. SEO experts work on niche sites to make it google ranked. Because people search on google first. Similarly, diversity people use smartphones and our SEO experts make a niche site mobile responsive. Moreover, we optimize niche sites on a regular basis to see customer traffic. For android API and iPhone, we create an optimized niche site for both categories.

Content is Prolific

Niche content is such a topic that makes to reverberate capably with a particular crowd so as to drive solid outcomes. A niche content can be extraordinary instruments for building a superior association with clients, customers, or perusers. It can help qualify leads, improve SEO endeavors, and it can likewise assist you with standing apart among contenders. Before setting out on the making of content, it’s imperative to build up a technique. In your niche content system, you’ll plan the kind of substance that bodes well for your crowd, and decide how you’ll make and appropriate that substance to augment sway. We find a good pace crowd, make significant and decipherable substance, and afterward deal with getting it seen.

Smart Monitoring System

Client niche progress is our target. That’s why we maintain a solid, strict and smart monitoring system for every client. Clients have full rights to know about his headway and can suggest better advice if he/she has any. We have top-class monitoring and analyzer in here. Statistical data to dynamic upshots, we concern customer demand. Besides, we have our personal strategic procedures to keep records of niche sites.


From Our Clients

We are proud to be the top IT consultant in Bangladesh because our worldwide client reviews are absolutely fantastic and encouraging. Fascinating outlook and quick service with smooth technology made us reach the acme. Here are some testimonies:

A magnificent case of how collaboration can deliver incredible outcomes. I can just acclaim their work and capacity to complete things quicker. In a word, they work really well.
Cinderella M. Vines

Software Developer

Superb finishing is the most fascinating thing about Ventcube. I took their service and trust me, I didn’t face any problem for a single moment. Besides, they’re fast learners and quickly spot the main point. I suggested both of my friends to create a niche from them.
Joe D. Fields


Friendly behavior, even I felt them amusing. Not only a niche site, but also I made two eCommerce sites from Ventcube. 100% functioning sites and profitable. I’d like to give’em 10 stars.
Ervin M. Watson



Niche Site Building Services FAQs

For diverse and newbie people, some most common questions and answers-
No fixed earnings actually. Because earning varies on the site’s traffic. Mostly, it varies between the range of $40-$4000 per month in real practice. Based on a site’s construction, earning come drastically or exponentially. Niche sites need a fine and smart strategy suit for more earnings. Catchy and adaptable content makes a niche site profitable within a short time.

Basically, after launching a niche site, you cannot expect earnings from the next day. It’s depend on your effort & investment. It takes some duration and minimum 3-6 month to earn in full-swing. But there are many niche sites you find online that are not earning properly. Even you find many forums or blog posts in this connection. Relevant and target-based niche sites earn rapidly.

Well, this is a dependable question. Articles or content is a major section of niche sites because your article reflects your service or review. Standard niche sites need at least 5-10 unique articles on relevant keywords. 20-30 articles on a niche site are the best move recently. But there are many niche sites that contain more than 100 articles. If your niche site finds any new topic that makes a profit or privileges, you can create more and more articles onwards.

Yes, there is. Contact us for bulk niche site orders.

No Linkbuilding includes with Economy & Standard Packages. Only premium packages includes 5 Social Media Accounts & 50 Basic backlinks  service from us.

We do not refund money after we start work on your niche site. If you want a refund, you have to claim refund in 48 hours from your order time.We will process the refund in next 30 days maximum.

Yes, of course. We provide one-month support full free and three-month support for extra charges.

Our experts from the start look into research of the niche and we will assist you with buying the domain and hosting. After that arrangement, structuring the site, writing content & posting content on website with images, tables etc.  When everything has been done we affirm the quality confirmation and afterward hand over your project within 30-60 days from start of the project.

Well, we have creative content writers in-home and overseas. Native tone, good analyzing capabilities, and readability are their major criteria. Besides, they write long articles to shorter ones within a very short time. So, you can feel cozy about your niche content, don’t worry.
Yes, we create initial content and if needed, further content is provided by our local (in-home) content writers.
Apart from a package, niche sites may need a domain and hosting services, regular basis content publishing and many more. Basically, we charge $50 – $70 per year for domain and hosting. Also, a daily basis content publishing needs $50 – $100. Including link building, there are little charges and precisely affordable.
Earlier we mentioned though. But for your convenience, we set packages for a year domain & hosting services.
Yes, we provide link building from basic to an advanced level according to the package. Our package has details included. You can check that. If any query or critical section visible, feel free to contact us anytime.
You can pick partial support, part-time support, full support, limited support, long-time support, and occasional support. Both clients and we have access to the niche site when it would be a partial, long-time and occasional support. For part-time support, the client has no access unless we finish the work on niches. For limited and full support, the client has a guest login ID to view the update but no edit access for clients. Furthermore, we have a 24×7 support services and dedicated call services to keep in touch with our clients.
History of The Internet Timeline

History of The Internet Timeline

Ferris Bueller once said, “Internet alters extremely quicker. If you run any applications on it and turn around a while, you could miss it.” So,

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